Optional integrated computer systems built-into the MotionCOMMAND-T are available per your specifications. The MotionCOMMAND-T series 2 is the last word is effective presentations, collaboration and luxury. Contact us today for more information!

The MotionCOMMAND-T is our line of interactive touchscreen conference tables.

Whether it’s in a boardroom or showroom, the MotionCOMMAND-T allows you to communicate more effectively though it’s interactive features and touch functions.  It definitely makes an impactful statement to your presentation.

The MotionCOMMAND-T series 2 allows you to Present, Close and Celebrate with this year’s new “WOW Option”, which includes a fully motorized bar complete with a 4-bottle liquor dispenser and glass rack, which rise up from their hidden compartments in the table’s legs activated with a hand-held remote control.

The remote allows you to raise the liquor dispenser and glass rack, rotate them and then retract them back down into the table legs.

A stainless steel spill tray keeps things tidy when dispensing the liquor.

All bar-related components are restaurant grade, ensuring years of enjoyment. 

The Ultra HD 4K screen can display 4 times more information than a standard 1080P HD screen.  While you can display up to 2 full pages of information such as web pages, word documents or powerpoint presentations, an Ultra HD 4K screen can display up to 8 full pages.

The MotionCOMMAND-T is available is a variety of shapes, colors and finishes. 

Choose the shape that best fits your needs and conference room, oval, rectangle, square or customize it. Standard sizes are up to 96 inches in length.  We welcome to opportunity to build to your custom specifications.

The standard finish for the MotionCOMMAND-T is made from durable laminates, however; finishes using fine hardwoods are available upon request.

Included in the “WOW Option”, the MotionCOMMAND-T is equipped with dual command accessory and input ports allowing you to easily connect your laptop or other devices to the touchscreen and built-in speakers to drive presentations or to charge your devices.

Located on each end of the table, the command ports will automatically rotate when the button is pressed on the unit to show the following ports and connectors: 2 x 110V (or 220v) power outlets / 2 x 5v power outlets / 1 x VGA / 1 x HDMI / 1 x USB data port. 

Welcome to the Music Computing CES 2016 product showcase!

This year we are proud to build upon our reputation as a leader in touchscreen technologies to present the following product lines. In keeping with our business philosophy, we have designed our products with the latest technologies available and offer unique solutions not found anywhere else.

If you are attending CES 2016 in Las Vegas, please stop by our booth and visit with us!

Water resistant and easy to use, the touchscreen for the MotionCOMMAND-T will work with any Windows or Mac OS X computer system or laptop. The MotionCOMMAND-T even allows for multi-touch gestures in Mac OS X, something not available in competing products. 

The heart of the MotionCOMMAND-T is the ultra-bright, intensely sharp, Ultra HD 4K touchscreen. Available from 32” to 65”, the interactive touchscreen is equipped with features such as surround sound and Smart TV functions. Up to 255 points of touch is available, allowing for more than one person to use the MotionCOMMAND-T at a time for better collaborative work or presentation of information.

MotionCOMMAND SmartTV - Ultra HD 4K SmartTV touchscreen:

Music Computing's MotionCOMMAND line of Multi-Touch Touchscreens are designed to work with both Windows and Mac OS X. It is the only one in the world that can provide multi-touch gesture controls native to both Windows and MacOS X.


MotionCOMMAND models are available from 32" up to 84" in size with 2 or 10 points of touch.


MotionCOMMAND models are now equipped with 4k Smart TV displays. You may wonder why 4k is important? 4k means more Pixels, in fact 4k TV's show close to four times the pixels that your current 1080p TV can display, which translate into sharper images for media viewing, even with traditional 1080p content. 4k also means almost four times more information can be displayed on the screen at once, providing for more effective and exciting presentations.

 MC UltraPoint™ digitizer technology provides higher resolution than Ultra HD Cinema video image to ensure pin point accuracy.

 What is Multi-touch and why do I want it? Multi-Touchscreens are simply touchscreens that you can touch with more than one finger. However, that's where the similarities stop. Since it's more natural for human beings to use their hands than a mouse, the ability to work in our natural state means more efficiency, better control over software interfaces and the elimination of having to map software controls to hardware controllers.

What are touchscreens made of? All touchscreens are comprised of a LCD / LED with a touch sensitive overlay on top. Some models have a custom bezel or case that covers both parts so they look like a single unit, but internally they always have a video display and a touch surface. Because of this, functionally there is no difference between an all-in-one unit and something like our MotionCOMMAND models where the components are individually accessible. In most cases, it is better to have the two separate pieces because if one fails or get damaged, you can just replace the defective part.

 Why does Music Computing use LCD / LED SMART TVs and not industrial video monitors? In many instances industrial video monitors are proprietary, meaning only one factory makes them. If anything goes wrong, replacement parts can only be sourced through the manufacturer, and are often times very expensive. By using name-brand 4k Smart televisions, we are able to assure our users the ability to replace or even upgrade their video monitors if necessary. In addition, 4k Smart TVs provide better styling and more robust features than most industrial monitors, making them more versatile. For example, 4k Smart TVs provide built-in speakers, built in WIFI, and built a in Web Browser, which most industrial video monitors lack, allowing MotionCOMMAND to function much better in interactive environments requiring audio.

1. Extremely user friendly and requires very minimal technical experience to set-up and use.
2. Compatible with Windows and MACOS X, only one in the world to offer native multi-touch gestures in MacOS X
3. Works with any software on your computer.

Using a MotionCOMMAND touchscreen makes presentations become far more exciting and natural.
Since it's more natural for us to use our hands than a mouse, the ability to work in our natural state means more efficiency, better control over software controls and interfaces. This creates a fun experience.

Pricing is available in our online store for 32", 42", 43", 55", 65", and 84" models with 2 or 10 touches, please contact us for larger sizes up to 100" with 40 touches.

MotionCOMMAND-T Series 2 - Interactive Touchscreen Conference Table: